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Iriness Yoga is four years old

This October, we celebrate Iriness’ 4th Anniversary. From finding a location for Iriness in 2015, to the building of the studio and the foundation of our yoga & wellbeing centre in 2017; from offering yoga classes and yoga teacher training courses at t …

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Mysore class

Mysore style of teaching Ashtanga yoga

Post-Covid contemplations What an insightful morning I’ve had! Floating through my Mysore class today, assisting beautiful yoga friends, I felt how deeply gratifying it is to make even a small contribution to your lives, to your wellbeing… Thank you to …

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Short history of yoga

No one knows exactly, when yoga tradition began, but even Western scholars (who are more critical than Indian ones), agree that yoga practice has been evolving for at least 2,500 years. Most traditional scriptures agree that yoga is a practical discipl …

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