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Short history of yoga

No one knows exactly, when yoga tradition began, but even Western scholars (who are more critical than Indian ones), agree that yoga practice has been evolving for at least 2,500 years. Most traditional scriptures agree that yoga is a practical discipl …

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Iriness Irina Eka pada sirsasana

Grounding in your Ashtanga practice

In yoga practice and in life I always try to remind myself that the sense off grounding is something I should start every step and every conscious thought with. When your shoes are tight, its painful to walk. When your feet are cold, its hard to cheer …

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Power of our deep desires

Nowadays, the yoga and the science agree: to have a fulfilling life, we have to be the vibration of the outcome we wish to see in our life. Like a karate martial artist, who breaks the bricks just with one stroke of the hand. The training he undergoes …

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