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Author: Irina Pashkevich


Iriness Yoga is four years old

This October, we celebrate Iriness’ 4th Anniversary. From finding a location for Iriness in 2015, to the building of the studio and the foundation of our yoga & wellbeing centre in 2017; from offering yoga classes and yoga teacher training courses at t…

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Power of our deep desires

Nowadays, the yoga and the science agree: to have a fulfilling life, we have to be the vibration of the outcome we wish to see in our life. Like a karate martial artist, who breaks the bricks just with one stroke of the hand. The training he undergoes…

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Iriness green room buddha

Yoga is…

Contemplation on the meaning of yoga… What is yoga?  Stilling modifications of the mind. Why to still the mind? So the consciousness (purusha) can abide in its own nature. Where consciousness usually is then? It is absorbed by our mind/body. Consciou…

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Ajna chakra (third eye)

AJNA CHAKRA (third-eye chakra). Location: cranial. Quality: sattvic (light, wisdom, purity). Element: intelligence. Sense: mind. Colour: bright white. Mantra: OM. Yantra: lightning coloured triangle. The Ajna is not really a single chakra, but a conste…

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