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Guided & self-practice yoga

Yoga intention Yoga is the practice of the transformation of our mind and body through the conscious stilling of the patterns of our thoughts. Yoga is the path of finding our true power, true sense of self. It empowers us to reconnect with our life pur …

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Yoga is…

Contemplation on the meaning of yoga… What is yoga?  Stilling modifications of the mind. Why to still the mind? So the consciousness (purusha) can abide in its own nature. Where consciousness usually is then? It is absorbed by our mind/body. Consciou …

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Inversions and menstruation. To do or not..

Recently a student asked me why not to practise inversions during menstruation. Apparently, some teachers advise to pratise. In Ashtanga, if we are daily practitioners, we normally take 2-3 days off for our ‘lady’s holidays’. What if you practise 1-4 t …

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