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Blog Category: Ashtanga yoga

Pranayama – yoga beyond asana

Beyond asana practice. Why and how to start Pranayama practice. I remember myself as a novice in yoga practices. The hunger I had for devouring books and the curiosity towards my teachers, make me laugh now. I wondered then: can my teachers do this pos …

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Ashtanga yoga limb 1

Summary of the first limb of Ashtanga yoga. Today I’d like to present the first of the eight (Ashtau) limbs of Ashtanga yoga – Yama, as described in “Yoga Sutra” of Patanjali. Below is learnt from the book of Bhavani Maki “The Yogi’s roadmap”. What is …

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Tailbone up or down?

Exploring the direction of your tailbone in the postural yoga practice. “You ask me to bring my tailbone downward during the forward bend, but I hear you are giving the opposite instructions to my neighbour-practitioner”. Answer: Great observation! Tho …

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