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Blog Category: Yoga philosophy

Anahata chakra (heart)

Location: thoracic. Quality: rajasic (active, dynamic). Element: air. Sense: touch. Colour: fire red. Petals: twelve. Mantra: YAM. Yantra: smoke-coloured hexagram. The Anahata chakra constitutes the axis, the middle piece of the seven main chakras. It …

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Manipura chakra (navel)

Location: lumbar. Quality: rajasic (active, dynamic). Element: fire. Sense: visual. Colour: blackish blue of the storm cloud. Petals: ten. Mantra: RAM. Yantra: red triangle. As per Gregor Maehle, Manipura chakra is very important for spiritual evolutio …

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Svadhishthana chakra (sacral)

Location: sacral. Quality: tamasic (inert, inactive, dull). Element: water. Sense: taste. Colour: orange red. Petals: six. Mantra: VAM. Yantra: white moon crescent. ‘Svadhishthana Chakra encompasses the MAMMALIAN functions of our brain. Mammals reprodu …

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