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Iriness Irina Eka pada sirsasana

Grounding in your Ashtanga practice

In yoga practice and in life I always try to remind myself that the sense off grounding is something I should start every step and every conscious thought with. When your shoes are tight, its painful to walk. When your feet are cold, its hard to cheer …

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Power of our deep desires

Nowadays, the yoga and the science agree: to have a fulfilling life, we have to be the vibration of the outcome we wish to see in our life. Like a karate martial artist, who breaks the bricks just with one stroke of the hand. The training he undergoes …

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Iriness Irina Pindasana

My yoga practice, my sanctuary

What do we do to make our yoga practice on the mat an oasis, a sanctuary? Where we replenish our energies, where we find insights, inspiration and connect with our innermost being… For me the answer is simple. Intention Practice Perseverance Intentio …

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