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CPD: Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Kriya & Pranayama – Methodology of Teaching – Studio & Zoom

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CPD: Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Kriya & Pranayama – Methodology of Teaching – Studio & Zoom

11 April 2021 - 20 June 2021

Full price: £520

Course summary

This CPD course for yoga teachers and trainee yoga teachers will provide you with a methodology for teaching the Primary series of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga (guided Sanskrit counted and Mysore styles), Kriya and Pranayama in a coherent, safe, and insightful way.

Offering space only for eight students at our studio in Horsham, West Sussex and four online, we’ll ensure the deepest level of personal attention to each and every one of you, helping you expand your authentic yoga experience and confidence in your own way of teaching.

This course is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals, adds to your CPD hours and allows you to grow professionally within the Alliance and beyond.

Course content

Developing teaching skills for Ashtanga vinyasa yoga

  • Scope: Standing sequences & Primary series.
  • Sanskrit counted method as a teaching tool.
  • Asana alignments & adjusting: art of observing and identifying postural type and postural/breathing imbalances of each individual. Learning techniques to adjust verbally and hands-on in a way, conducive to restoring students’ balance.

Developing teaching skills for Kriya and Pranayama

  • Scope: Kapalabhati, stage wave breathwork, Nadi Shuddhi and more.
  • Philosophy and psychology behind Kriya and Pranayama.
  • When and how to practise and to teach.
  • Counterindication and benefits.
  • Methods of assessing progression.

 Theming your classes

  • Elevating classes beyond mind and body practice, using yogic scriptures. Merging ancient wisdom into the modern life.

 Course hours breakdown

  • 40 contact hours.
    • >60% of the course is focused on teaching techniques.
    • 28hAshtanga vinyasa yoga practice and teaching methods.
    • 12hKriya, Pranayama, and theming – practicing and developing teaching skills.
  • 15 non-contact hours: learning Sanskrit count prior to the course and homework during the course.

 Time & location

  • 6 sessions of 7 hours each on Sundays.
  • 2021 dates: April 11th & 18th. May 16th & 23rd. June 13th & 20th. Sundays from 8am to ~4pm.
  • At Iriness Yoga & Wellbeing Horsham, West Sussex and/or online, if restrictions remain and for those unable to attend in person.

Who is this course designed for

  • Yoga teachers, interested to expand and elevate their Ashtanga, Kriya and Pranayama practice and teaching.
  • Trainee yoga teachers, searching for practical tools on how to teach Ashtanga and higher limbs of yoga.
  • Yoga practitioners, wishing to deepen their understanding of Ashtanga and higher limbs of yoga.
  • Only eight students at Iriness studio and four online.

Entry criteria

  • Knowing Primary Series of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga by heart.
  • Knowing Sanskrit numbers by heart (few hours pre-course materials will be provided).
  • Love and sincere interest in yoga practice and sharing.


  • 100% attendance of the course.
  • Counting & leading study group.
  • Demonstrating analysis of the postural types, alignments and adjustments.
  • Leading Kriya and Pranayama.
  • Introducing class themes to the study group.

About the trainer

Irina Pashkevich Bourdier has been a dedicated yoga practitioner since 2000. She started teaching Ashtanga vinyasa yoga in 2008.

Irina is a Senior yoga teacher and a trainer with Yoga Alliance Professionals. She is a direct and certified teacher of the world-renowned yogis: John Scott (NZ, UK, Poland), David Keil (US), Shimon Ben-Avi (Israel) and Gregor Maehle (Australia). In the past 20 years, Irina has dedicated more than 2000h to the Teachers’ trainings and yogic CPDs. In addition to yoga education, Irina holds two Masters degrees in education, business, and linguistics.

Irina is passionate about teaching Ashtanga vinyasa yoga in a precise and compassionate way, crafting it for each person.  Her students range from 20 to 85 years old; from professional gymnasts, ballet dancers, and athletes to those with MS, cancer, obesity and other difficult conditions.

Irina’s love for precision and personalisation of the yogic practices was enhanced by her translating and editing a book of renowned South Korean yoga and anatomy teacher Vayu Jung “The Art of Observing and Adjusting”.  Now she applies the principles of the book to help her students find and maintain their own unique balance within their body, breath, mind and spirit.

Since 2010 Irina has been studying with internationally renowned author and teacher, Gregor Maehle, who is famous for his knowledge of ancient scriptures and explicit way of teaching. Irina shares Kriya, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana and Dhyana (meditation spectrum of yoga) as taught by and learnt directly from Gregor.

After joining her family in Horsham, West Sussex a few years back, Irina has built a brand new yoga studio in the centre of Horsham – Iriness Yoga Horsham. She teaches daily Mysore Ashtanga yoga, Kriya, Pranayama, Meditations and leads courses and workshops for both beginners and experienced practitioners and teachers.


  • £520 for in-studio participants.
  • £420 for online participants, in case restrictions continue or if you can only attend online.
  • Deposit 30%.

What’s next

  • If you are confident about joining the course, register and pay a 30% deposit – details below.
  • If you would like to hear more and/or talk to Irina, please email us at info@iriness.com, answering three questions:
    • What forms of yoga have you practised regularly and for how long?
    • What is your yoga practice now: extent and frequency?
    • Do you have any pranayama experience? If so, describe your practices, frequency and for how long you have been practising.
  • Irina will contact you soon after receiving your  email.

Certification and Yoga Alliance Professionals YAP

After completion of this course and its assignments, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance from Iriness Yoga Horsham – yoga school, accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals to offer yoga teacher training programmes.

CPD (Continuous Professional Development) are points (or hours) that are accumulated through Further Training courses like this one. When you register with YAP, you  can move up from one membership level to the next, eventually reaching Senior Yoga Teacher status through accumulating your teaching hours and also hours completed as CPDs.

As a graduate of this course, you are eligible to register as a teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals if you have already completed a 200-hour course.  As a yoga teacher, it can be great to feel supported throughout your career and have an official accreditation of a high standard.  This is something that YAP can help with and they offer an online community for you.  As part of their membership you get your own profile page, where you can add up your own articles, photos, videos, events, products and classes (and take payments for these).  You also get access to discounts and excellent resources to develop your skills and knowledge as a teacher.


Welcome to sign up and pay a deposit to secure your space. The remaining amount to be paid 60 days before course starts.

Register for Studio CPD Course & Pay a deposit
Register for Online CPD Course & Pay a deposit

Deposits are non-refundable unless Iriness Yoga Horsham has to cancel the course. Kindly book only if you are sure, that you will attend the course.

Cancellations made at least 45 calendar days before a course will be 50% refunded. Cancellations within 44 calendar days will not be refunded unless we can fill your space.

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