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How Yoga Works: The Neurology of Yoga with Jock Orton


How Yoga Works: The Neurology of Yoga with Jock Orton

4 March 2023 - 4 March 2023

Full price: £60

One of our most favourite yoga teachers, Jock Orton – the founder of Lime House Yoga Cornwall, is finally back to Horsham! Jock is offering two special workshops: Saturday morning,  4th of March, exploring how yoga works on different levels, including neurological, and Sunday morning, 5th of March, – inversions, including handstands and headstands.

Workshop summary

Have you ever wondered how moving your body into predefined shapes (yoga asanas or postures) impacts not only your physical health, but also your mental health? – In this workshop you will learn, what is happening to you on a deeper, neurological level.

Everyone is unique, so why should we approach our yogic practice as a one size fits all? Using his 20 years of experience Jock will teach you how to practise yoga in a way, that is most suited to you, giving you practical ways to improve your yoga practice, sharing the latest western scientific research combined with ancient yogic science.

Why do certain asanas energise you, some relax you, and some bring you into balance? Knowing what is happening to your nervous system when you practise, will explain why different asanas have different effects on both your body and mind.

Who is it for

  • Yoga practitioners and teachers of all schools are welcome! Jock is highly experienced teacher, well equipped to address different levels of practitioners.

Your teacher

Jock did his first two teacher trainings with no intention of ever teaching yoga, He just wanted to further his knowledge for his own practice. It was his first teacher Bridget Woods-Kramer who dropped the bombshell on him that she needed cover for a Saturday’s class that forced him into teaching his first class. He absolutely loved it, completely terrified………but loved it!

It is said that we all come to healing in our own time and this was true for Jock when in 2000, he crash-landed while snowboarding, breaking his back in several places and shattering his collarbone. After numerous unsuccessful operations he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Jock began a regular yoga practice and as the ancient saying goes, ‘When the student is ready the teacher will appear’. He moved back to Cornwall at the same time as Bridget Woods-Kramer, a world renowned Anusara yoga teacher. He then spent six years studying and teaching with Bridget, developing a style that is physically challenging with attention to posture and alignment and above all, playful. His experience taught him to cherish the physical practice of yoga, but it is the connection between mind, body and soul that inspires his practice.

Jock has been teaching for 20 years and over this time he feels deeply privileged to have been taught by some of the world’s best teachers from a range of different schools of yoga, including Richard Freeman, David Williams, Doug Keller, David and Doug Swenson. In his classes Jock calls upon the teachings of all his teachers to best serve his own students, with a blend of the styles, techniques and adjustments he has learnt along his yoga journey. Jock is also co-founder and director of Lime House Yoga with his wife Emma and Dad to two wonderful daughters who constantly inspire and challenge him to be more present in the world and on his mat.

When and where

  • 4th of March 2023. From 8:30am to 11:30am.
  • At Iriness Yoga Horsham: Victoria house, Victoria street, RH13 5DZ, Horsham.
  • How to get information here.

Workshop investment

  • £60 for early birds by the 1st of February 2023 and £80 after.
  • If you participate in both of Jock’s workshops, i.e. “How yoga works” on the 4th of March and “Internal flight” on the 5th of March,  you get a special early bird price of £100 if you pay by the 1st of February and £120 after.

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How Yoga Works with Jock Orton Early Bird – £60 – Purchase here
Two Workshops with Jock Orton Early Bird – £100 – Purchase here

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