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On-demand. Pranayama &Meditation Course Part 2 of 3.

On-demand. Pranayama &Meditation Course Part 2 of 3.

Full price: £58

Course intention

This 5-sessions course (~10h) is part 2 of our trio series of Pranayama & Meditation Courses. You’ll continue deepening your understanding and practice of yogic breathwork and meditation. You’ll learn more intricate details of the Kriya, Pranayama and Yogic Meditation techniques. We welcome teachers and teacher trainees as well as all of the other dedicated yoga practitioners.

Course summary

  • Background, purposes, and definitions of Kriya, Pranayama and Yogic Meditation.
  • Continuation of the practices from part 1 of this course and integrating them into your daily life and your teaching. Learning and integrating new practices.
  • Benefits, counterindications, and obstacles of all practices we explore.
  • Techniques: 
    • Kriya: Bahya Kumbaka Uddiyana, Agnisara, Madhyama, Vama & Dakshina, Nauli.  Jala Neti Kriya and continuing Kapalabhati.
    • Pranayama:  Nadi Shuddhi –  integrating last element, Divine image, and working with different ratios. Surya Bhedana and  Chandra Bhedana – balancing practices for our brain hemispheres and our nervous systems, preparing for more powerful Nadi Shoddhana.
    • Meditation: Chakra Kundalini meditation along with yogic mudras, bandhas, and mantras. Comprehensive psycho-energetic analyses of the chakras for deeper amalgamation of this meditation into your psyche.

Course students

  • Graduates of part 1 of this course or practitioners well familiar with the practices of Kapalabhati, Nadi Shuddhi, Chakra Meditation as taught by Gregor Maehle or his teachers.
  • Yoga teachers and teacher trainees interested to find a solid methodological system of pranayama and meditative practices.
  • All yoga practitioners interested to explore breathing & meditative practices of yoga.

Course teacher

Irina Pashkevich Bourdier, the founder of Iriness and a Senior Yoga Teacher. Irina is a student of Gregor Maehle and her teachings reflect his to the best of her ability.  Visit the About page for more information about Irina.

Course price

Course investment is £58. Recordings and materials will be sent upon payment. Recordings are downloadable.

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