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On-demand: Pranayama & Meditation Course Part 1

Iriness yoga class Padmotanasana

On-demand: Pranayama & Meditation Course Part 1

Full price: £78

Course intention

This 8-sessions (~10h) course is designed to help you find and maintain balance through the practices of yogic Pranayama (breathwork) and Meditation (Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana). The course is part 1 of 3 of our Pranayama & Meditation trio, accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals as a CPD module for yoga teachers.

Course summary

  • Purposes, philosophy and  techniques of Pranayama and Yogic Meditation.
  • When to practise and how to progress safely and independently.
  • What are the counterindications, benefits, and obstacles.
  • How to integrate the practices into your daily life to find more peace, health, wellbeing and deeper connection with your inner self.
  • Techniques such as Kapalabhati Kriya, Stage waves, Complete yogic breathing, Anuloma and Viloma Ujjayi, Vasishta’s Nadi Shuddhi, Aurobindo’s, HamSah, Sphere of light Meditations along with yogic mudras, bandhas, and mantras.

Course students

  • Yoga teachers and teacher trainees interested to find a solid methodological system of pranayama and meditative practices.
  • All yoga practitioners interested to explore breathing & meditative practices of yoga.
  • No prerequisites, come as you are with open mind and heart.
  • The course is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals UK as a CPD programme.

Course teacher

Irina Pashkevich Bourdier, the founder of Iriness is a Senior Yoga Teacher as well as Teachers’ Trainer Pro and Yoga coach  with Yoga Alliance Professionals. Irina has been a steadfast dedicated yoga practitioner for over 20 years and a teacher since 2008. She is a student of Gregor Maehle and her teachings of Pranayama & Meditation reflect his to the best of her ability. Visit the About page for more information about Irina.

Course timeline

  • This course is offered on-demand and can be viewed for 60 days from the date of purchasing.

Course price

Course investment is £78.


Please pay below and email us at info@iriness.com specifying PMC level 1, to receive relevant links. Thank you and we hope you’ll enjoy your yogic journey with us.

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