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On-demand: Breathwork & Meditation Guided Practice Classes

On-demand: Breathwork & Meditation Guided Practice Classes

Full price: £60

Our intention

This 8-sessions series (each session 30-40 min) is here to help you find and maintain inner peace and balance through the breath of yoga and yogic meditation.  We welcome new to yoga as well as yoga teachers: our instructions will be adjusted to your needs and capabilities.  Our sincere intention is to offer you a steadfast foundation for your  independent home practice.

About classical yoga breathing & meditation

  • Breathing and meditation practices are designed to pacify the mind, to stabilise the nervous system, to improve your respiratory capacity, to synchronise the brain hemispheres and to lead us towards more stillness within and a deeper connection with our inner Self.
  • We’ll practise the following classical yogic techniques: Kapalabhati Kriya, Stage wave breathing, Complete yogic breathing, Anuloma and Viloma Ujjayi, Vasishta’s Nadi Shuddhi, Aurobindo’s, HamSah, Sphere of light meditations, Chakra Kundalini meditation along with yogic mudras, bandhas, and mantras.

Who is this series for

  • New to yoga, its breathing and meditation.
  • Yoga teachers and trainees.
  • Iriness’ students and teachers who have attended or attending our Pranayama & Meditation CPDs with us.


  • Genuine aspiration to explore something new.

Your teacher

Irina Pashkevich Bourdier, the founder of Iriness and a Senior Yoga Teacher and Teachers’ Trainer with Yoga Alliance Professionals. Irina is a dedicated life-long practitioner of the classical yoga. With more than 2500 hours of teacher training programmes, extensive daily practice for the past 20 years, Irina started teaching in 2008. She is a direct student of Gregor Maehle, one of the most profound yoga teachers and scholars of the modern times. Her way of teaching reflects Gregor’s teachings to the best of her abilities.  Visit the About page for more information about Irina.


  • £60 for 8 sessions available for 60 days for viewing.


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