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At Iriness we use Momoyoga as our reservations and payment system. It enables you to create your own account, register for classes and pay online. Here are a few helpful tips on how the system works:

  • The first time you sign up, your personal account will be created.
  • Once your account has been created, you can view its status and manage it below.
  • Every time you purchase a membership or a class pass, your account will be credited accordingly.
  • Each class is equal to one credit.
  • Every time you sign up to a class, a credit will be deducted from your account unless you deregister online (cancel) >12 hours before the start of class.
  • Each class requires payment in order to sign up, so if your account is empty you will need to top it up on this page.
  • Workshops and courses are treated differently, for details visit our Event page.

To sign up or deregister for a class, visit the Classes page.

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Follow the link below to register or login to your Iriness account with Momoyoga:


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