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One-to-One Classes

Private yoga classes with Irina Pashkevich

Our founder, recognised and accredited senior yoga teacher, teacher’s trainer and mentor, Irina Pashkevich, offers private tuition in yoga and somatics yoga therapy to all levels, from beginners to qualified teachers. These sessions are perfect for starting your yoga journey, deepening your practice and for recovering from illness, pain and injuries.

Irina has been practising yoga for 30 years and teaching for more than 15 years. Thousands of hours of studies, practice and teaching allow her to masterfully handcraft yogic practices to each individual in a unique way.

Irina is passionate about teaching yoga holistically, integrating postural practices of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, therapeutics of yoga therapy and somatics; philosophy and practice of pranayama and meditation, as well as modern science-proved breathwork.

Few words from Irina

I have encountered yoga in the beginning of my twenties, being at a low, quite depressive state. And just one yoga session of 30 minutes made vitality start returning back into my being.

Since then, about 30 years after, yoga has been that constant, that rock in my life, which is always here, within me, to support, strengthen and calm me.

Yoga has taught me, that I am the master of my own life, that I can improve my health, my attitudes and perceptions. That I can connect to the purpose of my life and live the life of integrity, service to all and inner peace.


If your intention is to develop more strength, stability and flexibility with your body, I’ll teach you various yogic practices, based on Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, pranayama and breathwork.

If you are on the path or physical or mental rehabilitation, we will start with somatics education, yoga therapy, breathwork and meditation to encourage healing.

If you are a yoga teacher or trainee, interested to deepen your practice and teaching, we’ll thread together your personal sadhana and support your teaching.

My intention is to inspire you to find your purpose in life, your inner peace, health and wellbeing.

Private yoga & somatics classes prices

  • £50 for 1 hour class
  • £70 for 1h 30m class
  • £230 for 5 x 1h classes (£46/class)
  • £300 for 5 x 1h30 classes (£60/class)

Contact Irina Pashkevich


tel: 01403 211103
mob: 07393 668553

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