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What they say about Irina and Iriness Yoga…

“Wow! What a difference 4 weeks can make! I joined the Yoga Beginners  Course at Iriness having done some yoga previously, but I can certainly say it’s already changing my life. I have mild scoliosis and have suffered with back issues for many years. Having done just 4 weeks of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga with Irina, my physiotherapist remarked on how strong I had become especially on my weaker side. Irina really cares for all her students and it’s a joy to attend Iriness. Irina is building a fantastic yoga community in our town and it’s infectious! Her warmth, kindness, fun and passion are with her in every session and there’s no need to worry about what you think you can or can’t do. Everyone can start no matter how inflexible you think you are or how much of a beginner you think you  may be. It’s all individual. And Irina treats you this way. We are taught to be able to take our yoga with us in self-practice and join together at the studio to continue to learn and grow. I’m so happy that Iriness has come to Horsham and look forward to my yoga future :-). Thanks so much Irina – you are fabulous X.” – Emma Louise Cavallo, student – Horsham

“Dear Irina, thank you so much for everything you have done for me over the past year. You have been a wonderful, warm, funny and inspiring teacher and you have created a beautiful community around you. I look forward to yoga every day – it is the highlight of my week. Many congratulations on the success of the past, first year of Iriness. I am looking forward to being part of Iriness’ continuing success. With love, Kate.” – Kate T, Horsham, UK

“Thank you, Irina, for creating and sharing such a warm and nurturing space, where we can come and grow in body and mind!” – Carol, Horsham, UK

“I’ve had the pleasure of attending Irina’s classes for two months now and I’d recommend it to anyone interested in improving their overall well-being. Irina is a great teacher and she gives everyone the attention they need.The atmosphere of the classes is wonderful and I usually leave calm and energised.” – Oscar Andersson – Horsham, UK

“A 5-star rating is not enough! I joined the beginner course few weeks ago and I couldn’t expect a better way to be introduced to Yoga. Irina’s attention to each of us, her passion and experience have been outstanding every single time and the place and the atmosphere are absolutely wonderful. I can’t wait to continue my yoga journey with Irina!” – Laura Pasetti, Horsham, UK

“Thank you Irina for such an informative and welcoming course. We have learnt so much and looking forward to continuing our practice at your lovely warm tranquil studio”. – Sue & Stephen Gravett, Horsham, UK 

“Iriness is an amazing yoga space right in the centre of Horsham. A haven to go to and practise all elements of yoga, from postural yoga to breathing and meditation. Irina is an amazing teacher – her passion and warmth shine through and with her knowledge she has supported a great improvement in my strength, flexibility and overall wellness.” – Julia, Horsham, UK 

“Wow!! What can I say. Mine and hubbies first visit here today, welcomed so warmly, fantastic teacher who was so attentive to us “newbies”, excellent guidance. Can’t recommend this place enough, thoroughly enjoyed and really looking forward to learning more and progressing. 5 STARS-FANTASTIC. Massive thank you to Irina, we really enjoyed this mornings class.” – Sean K, Horsham, UK – April 2018.

“I love my yoga at Iriness! I feel like I am in safe hands with a very experienced teacher that cares about you on a one to one basis – in a lovely environment and meeting some lovely people.” – Sam Bunty McMillen – Horsham, UK

I have just completed the Yoga Beginners Course and it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done! Irina is such an amazing yoga teacher and person, her love for yoga and passion for her students goes beyond anything. I can’t wait to continue my yoga journey with Irina and see Iriness Yoga & Wellbeing flourish.” – Emma Howell, student – Horsham, October 2017

“I have just completed the 4-Week Yoga Beginner Course with Irina and it was amazing. I loved it. I didn’t know much about Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga before the course and I have learnt so, so much. I now feel confident to practise on my own, and am looking forward to continuing to learn more with Irina. I highly recommend anyone who is interested to book yourself on to the next course.” – Jenny Murrel, student  – Horsham, UK

“The Yoga Beginners Course is an excellent way to learn Ashtanga yoga. I have learnt more in a few weeks than I thought possible. Excellent tuition in a supportive atmosphere. The mixed ability (Mysore) class format is also great as beginners can attend and be guided to progress at their own level in a no pressure environment.” – David MacDonald, student – Horsham, UK

“Iriness has always been about safety, friendship and practice. When we have found ourselves in such different circumstances with Corona lock0down, Irina has continued to bring us together to practise our yoga. No matter what your level is, you will find a virtual class to suit you. Yoga is a wonderful principle to keep us well, healthy, strong, resilient and balanced”. – Jane, student – Horsham, UK

“I’ve been practising yoga for a few years now, and I can honestly say that Irina is the best teacher I’ve had, she is a true professional. Yoga is her way of life, and the passion she has for it is addictive! I came to Irina with no experience, and with a lot of patience and kindness she taught me everything from scratch, and I improved as time went by. But that’s not all, yoga has also helped me to manage my life with less stress, breathing deep and taking everything in the right proportion. Thank you Irina for introducing me to the wonderful world of yoga!”  – Eyal Reich, student – Herzliya, Israel

“Gentle, compassionate, generous… Irina strives to learn and share what she loves and learns… when we taught together in Manila many students asked when she would be back as they enjoyed her firm adjustments and joyful energy.” – Rebecca de Villa, yoga teacher and studio owner, Stillpoint Yoga Manila – Manila, Philippines 

“Irina is one of the precious presents that I was lucky to get while walking on the yoga path. For the last 12 years she has been my colleague, my friend and my teacher. Irina approaches everything she does with full commitment and devotion. She is always looking for a way to go deeper in her quest to be able to be a good yogini and a good teacher. Thank you Irina for being such a bright light in my life.” – Ruti Amir, yoga teacher, SamaYoga – Israel

“Irina is a truly wonderful teacher because she is a truly wonderful person. Extremely knowledgeable and wise with a great sense of humour and a deep respect for what she does.” – Jamey Marks, yoga teacher, OrYoga – Israel

“I met Irina on a yoga teacher training course, where she worked as an assistant teacher. Her professionalism, dedication to the personal quest and knowledge drove me to continue my practice with her privately. Irina has helped me to cope with my injuries through understanding and applying Ashtanga Yoga tools. Irina’s devotion to yoga has been a big influence for me. I have learnt a lot from her about my own practice and self-exploration. Irina has been rigorously exploring the yoga tradition, human body and mind. Combining extensive knowledge with her warm and caring heart, she is one of the most significant milestones in my personal yoga path. Thank you!” – Tsofit Arman, student and therapist through movement – Israel

“I have known Irina since 2007, the year that she introduced me to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. At that time Irina was a second-year student at the teacher training course of Shimon Ben Avi (Israel’s most senior Ashtanga Yoga teacher). I was quite fortunate to be her neighbour and practised yoga under her guidance. Irina introduced me to the various postures of Ashtanga Primary series and demonstrated its structure and techniques in a highly methodical fashion, that connected and provided me with a sense of purpose with the practice of yoga at least 3 times a week.

Later on, when Irina had advanced to become a teacher-student of John Scott, I had the honour and pleasure to deepen my understanding of Ashtanga Yoga postures and philosophy and made it a part of my daily life. Irina had patiently taken the time with my learning, always offering a new angle to make the subject easier to grasp and enjoyable. She had shown me ways to deflect the inevitable frustration that comes when our desires meet our limitations.

Further on, I had practised in a group under her supervision and it became apparent that she had the gift of keen observation, understanding the unique circumstances and abilities of each student, and the consequent skill of directing each student to the most beneficial, tailored course of yoga practice. At times it was her motivation and drive to practise with more vigour, at other times to let go of excessive desires and energy.

Her departure for England was a real loss for me, as well as for her other students.

I am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to continue my studies with Irina. I was delighted to hear that this becomes possible again by her renewed commitment to teach in her new studio, Iriness in Horsham.” – Michael Hoffman, partner-yoga practitioner  – Israel

“I met Irina for the first time at a 2-year teachers course of Shimon Ben-Avi in Israel in 2006. During the course, we practised side by side and over time we really connected. Irina was very dedicated to the yoga practice and to a deep enquiry of life. I remember our conversations and ‘life-research-sessions’, that have always enriched and touched us beyond the yoga asana practice. I full-heartedly recommend Irina as an excellent and super professional yoga teacher and as an inspirational person, which she is.” – Shani Sharon, yoga teacher and studio owner, OmYoga –  Raanana, Israel

“Irina is an excellent practitioner and teacher. She truly practises what she teaches. I was lucky to meet her a couple of years ago and practise with her regularly. We share and discuss our passion of various aspects of yoga, from postures to philosophy. Highly recommend!” – Ananda Mello Costa, yoga teacher – Horsham, UK

“I was lucky to have Irina as my first yoga teacher of Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga. We were always a small group of practitioners and at times I had private sessions. Though I’m older than Irina I felt lucky to have her, a complete teacher and a source of inspiration. Words and practice were coming from the same origin and were consistent. Irina is a balanced instructor, being strict on how to perform an asana and also finding an encouraging thing to say and show. The kind of person you would like to lead you and show the importance of diligence and persistence which are to me the most important issues in yoga practice, along with self-acceptance.” – Micha Feinberg, student – Israel

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