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Workshop Teacher: Irina Pashkevich Bourdier

Ashtanga: Intermediate Series Introduction

21 March 2020 - 21 March 2020

Want to advance in your Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga practice? “Intermediate Series” workshop will guide you through the next steps of your yoga journey. We’ll flow through the fusion of new for you twists, backbends, forward bends and inversions, offering different versions of the postures to accommodate all levels of practice. We’ll make sure you’ll enjoy this playful interaction of your body, mind and breath.

Full price: £38

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Online Yoga Beginners’ Course April-May 2020

18 April 2020 - 24 May 2020

In the time of pandemic, we all need to find a sustainable, enjoyable, invigorating and calming practices for the body and mind. Our Beginners Yoga Course will help you establish yoga practice to experience this. You’ll discover more balance, more happiness, more health and wellbeing, even in these unprecedented times. We will introduce you to the fundamental foundations of yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga specifically. You’ll be guided through the empowering tools of yoga, such as breathing, postures, meditation, and relaxation. You will also learn to practise yoga by yourself, taking ownership not only over your practice, but over your life and over your wellbeing.

Full price: £95

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