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Ashtanga Primary Series – Method in the Madness with Jock Orton

Ashtanga Primary Series – Method in the Madness with Jock Orton

16 November 2019 - 16 November 2019

Full price: £60

Workshop summary

If you have ever wondered why the order of poses is as it is, or why some of the poses are even in the Primary series, then this workshop is for you. The sequential nature of the practice has an order or methodology that may not be obvious at first. Jock will guide you through the practice step by step so you will gain a deeper understanding of the order of things.

As with all things in life, some of the poses in the Ashtanga’s Primary series may come easily to you but some poses seem almost impossible! In this workshop you will be given tools to overcome these challenging poses. Jock will break down these difficult poses into their individual segments and with this knowledge you will be able to progress in your yoga asana practice. He has an ability to make challenging poses accessible and above all fun.

Beyond the Primary Series

A playful workshop where you will get a chance to safely explore some of the more complex and /or challenging asanas of the Intermediate series and beyond, including backbends, inversions and arm balances. Don’t be put off thinking this workshop will be too advanced, Jock is knowledgeable enough to give you alternatives that will challenge you without it being intimidating. Remember it’s not the final destination we’re trying to get to, it’s the journey of how we get there.

This workshop will include seated meditation, pranayama (yogic breathing practices) and chanting.

Workshop timing

  • 09:00 – 13:00 on the 16th of November, Saturday

Attendees profile

This workshop is designed for practitioners and teachers of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and other yoga styles.

About Jock Orton

Jock started on his yoga journey after breaking his back in numerous places and shattering his collar bone. Over the course of two years and a number of unsuccessful operations to try and get his collar bone to heal he was told that his bone was still broken and he would require further surgery. He elected not to have go down this path but rather to seek alternatives. He started to increase his yoga practice, had regular chiropractic adjustments and started a course of homeopathic treatment. His collarbone healed itself within a year. His dedication to his yoga practice has not only seen him recover fully from his injuries but he is far fitter, flexible and healthier than he was before.

It is this transformative healing experience that he wants to share with his students. Yoga is meant to be a healing practice for not only the body but also the mind.

Along with his partner Emma, Jock owns a studio in Cornwall,  Lime House Yoga, and is about to build a new bespoke studio so that he will be able to share this amazing practice with even more students. We love Lime House Yoga and hope that one day you will come to experience a tranquil, beautiful and heart warming space Jock and Emma hold.

Last year Jock sold his chiropractic patient education company that he had started 15 years ago. If you have ever visited a chiropractor’s office there is a good chance the information you may have been given will have come from his company.

Workshop price

The workshop price is £60, which includes 4 hours of practical and theoretical sessions of the Primary and Intermediate series of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga.

Note for our members: there are no discounts for guest-teacher workshops.

Cancellations made at least 30 calendar days before a workshop will be refunded. From the 29th day there will be no refund unless we can fill your place before the workshop commences. Should the event be cancelled by Iriness Yoga & Wellbeing, you will be offered a refund.

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