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Sound Bath with Camilla Hamblin

Sound Bath with Camilla Hamblin

14 December 2019 - 14 December 2019

Full price: £15

Sound bath – a vibrational medicine – by Camilla

Sound is vibrational medicine that covers all aspects of our being. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. During a sound session, the vibrations go wherever healing is needed. Equally, this changes, depending on where you are in your life in that moment. It might work with you on one level specifically. For example, it could be a physical experience for you or it could be emotional or a combination of all the different levels. There is an intelligence at play.

In a world full of information constantly being thrust in our faces! it’s hard to fathom sometimes what is right for us as individuals. Sound medicine gives us the opportunity to go inwards and become completely immersed in our inner journey to connect to our body, mind and soul and develop an inner communication with these aspects.

This tends to result in being lead on a crumb trail, poking and prodding us to pay attention to which parts of us need attention and healing. None of it is right, none of it is wrong and none of it is fed from an external or verbal source. It is our own personal experiential process. 

My intention with sound is to invite you to close off from external influences and start to explore yourself using sound as a tool, to empower you to learn through your own experience.

We lie back, relax and open as much as possible & allow the vibrational medicine to do its work. During this healing session at Iriness you will explore the sounds of Gongs, Himalayan bowls, Crystal bowls and Therapeutic percussion.

When & where?

The Sound Bath session will take place at Iriness Yoga & Wellbeing Horsham (Victoria street, off New street 113) on the 14th of December,  Saturday, from 10:30am to 11:30am.

Good to know

You are welcome to wear comfortable clothes. Iriness Yoga provides yoga mats, bolsters and blankets. But you are welcome to bring your own, if you prefer. You can also bring a pillow for your head. We are very lucky to have underfloor heating so we’ll keep you warm during this magical experience with Camilla.

Price & registration

The session price is £15 and bookable on Camilla’s page here

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