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Iriness etiquette for the mindful yoga practice

Arriving and leaving Iriness shala

  • All Ashtanga classes, led or Mysore-style are 1h30min.  If you’d like to practise 2 hours, please arrive 15 min before the official class time and extend your practice by 15 min after the official class end. The teacher will be guiding you/assisting within the time frame, indicated on the schedule.
  • The doors will be opened during the Mysore-style classes, so you can always arrive before or after the official class time and leave earlier.
  • The teacher will be assisting you with your breathing practice on 1-to-1 basis during Mysore-style classes. We also have a specialised pranayama / breathing work classes on the schedule.
  • If you arrive late or leave early, please leave as quietly as possible, re-arranging your mat, your clothes, dressing up in the kitchen and closing the door quietly to enable your fellow-practitioners to experience uninterrupted flow or relaxation.
  • For other than Mysore-style classes, kindly arrive 5-10 min before the class, the door will be locked 3 min before the class.
  • Please turn off your cell phone.
  • Come to practise on an empty stomach (unless you have a condition that prevents this) and refrain from drinking water during class if possible.
  • Please make room for other students, welcoming your fellow yoga practitioner by adjusting your mat.
  • Iriness is a shoes-free area, so kindly leave your shoes in the mini-kitchen.

During the practice

  • Allow 5-10 min at the end for your conscious relaxation (Shavasana) before the class ends.
  • If you have a health issue we are not aware off, please let us know before the class. Not every pose is appropriate for everyone. If in doubt, always ask.
  • When menstruating, we encourage you to practise in a way that is supporting this phase of your cycle. If practising Ashtanga during these days, do so gently with soft vinyasa flow, without straining postures, inversions and strong pranayama.
  • If you are unsure about the sequence, please wait for the teacher to advise you rather than ‘improvising’ or adding postures by yourself.
  • Listen to the internal cues of your body, practising mindfully – brute force is not working in the world of yoga
  • No experience or flexibility is needed to practise yoga. Yoga is for everyone.

Mats, towels, props

  • We advise you to bring your own mat, it’s more hygienic. Beginners can borrow our mat – please wipe it off after use with the tea-tree solution provided in the kitchen.
  • Please bring a clean towel for your comfort during practice and for the teacher to use when adjusting you.
  • We share blocks and bolsters. Please use your towel to cover props if you sweat, so we keep them hygienic; and return them to their space after use as well as the blankets.

Namaste from Iriness

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