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Iriness Yoga is four years old


October 22 2021 | Musings

This October, we celebrate Iriness’ 4th Anniversary.

From finding a location for Iriness in 2015, to the building of the studio and the foundation of our yoga & wellbeing centre in 2017; from offering yoga classes and yoga teacher training courses at the studio to embracing a new virtual online reality …. it has been an intense and humbling journey of passion, awakening, and humility.

There has been full classes and empty classes, students joyful and students frustrated, healthy and unwell, grateful and less…. We’ve seen students come and go, some return and some not. We’ve learned how to operate online and how to create a new hybrid Iriness. We’ve created training courses for the newbies and yoga teachers… and felt inspired, but at times dull and empty… Along the way mistakes were made, some corrected, others left behind…

On a personal level, Iriness has been my little baby, offering me a full array of human experiences …

Throughout that little saga of mine and my sweet Iriness, what warms my heart and keeps me propelled with insight every single day, are these amazing people, who still come to Iriness; who stayed with us through the dark, and at times, lifeless months of the Pandemic.

Thank you for trusting me and Charlotte as your guides to the unfathomable and magnificent art and science of yoga. My gratitude always remains untouched within.

I full heartedly hope that our only real teacher, YOGA, with its multitude of instruments, will play for each of us a heavenly symphony, unveiling the sound of our true life purpose and essence.

I look forward to my and our joint journey towards the Spiritual highlands* in my sweet little Iriness.
With love and appreciation to my teachers, my friends and my students.

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