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Guided & self-practice yoga

Yoga intention Yoga is the practice of the transformation of our mind and body through the conscious stilling of the patterns of our thoughts. Yoga is the path of finding our true power, true sense of self. It empowers us to reconnect with our life pur …

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Different forms of yoga. Are they the same or different?

In the recent months I was frequently asked by students about different forms of yoga. Whether they are complimentary to each other or totally different. How one should practise meditation and if meditation is yoga. Most of the new students are confuse …

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Pranayama – practice for beginners

Learning to breathe and increase our vitality. This post may assist current Iriness students and those of you, who start practising pranayama leading to Kundalini meditation. Pranayama is a yogic practice of increasing vitality through breathing exerci …

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