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Iriness Irina Eka pada sirsasana

Grounding in your Ashtanga practice

In yoga practice and in life I always try to remind myself that the sense off grounding is something I should start every step and every conscious thought with. When your shoes are tight, its painful to walk. When your feet are cold, its hard to cheer …

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Iriness Irina Pindasana

My yoga practice, my sanctuary

What do we do to make our yoga practice on the mat an oasis, a sanctuary? Where we replenish our energies, where we find insights, inspiration and connect with our innermost being… For me the answer is simple. Intention Practice Perseverance Intentio …

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Guided & self-practice yoga

Yoga intention Yoga is the practice of the transformation of our mind and body through the conscious stilling of the patterns of our thoughts. Yoga is the path of finding our true power, true sense of self. It empowers us to reconnect with our life pur …

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