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Blog Category: Yoga philosophy


Short history of yoga

No one knows exactly, when yoga tradition began, but even Western scholars (who are more critical than Indian ones), agree that yoga practice has been evolving for at least 2,500 years. Most traditional scriptures agree that yoga is a practical discipl …

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Iriness Irina Pindasana

My yoga practice, my sanctuary

What do we do to make our yoga practice on the mat an oasis, a sanctuary? Where we replenish our energies, where we find insights, inspiration and connect with our innermost being… For me the answer is simple. Intention Practice Perseverance Intentio …

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Iriness yoga class Padmasana

Cause, effect and meditation

In this era of human evolution, we are constantly directed to be goal oriented, and we often forget that to bring about the desired result or effect, – sincere and long-term practice is required. The effect cannot happen without the cause reaching its …

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