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Power of our deep desires

November 5 2020 | Ashtanga yoga

Nowadays, the yoga and the science agree: to have a fulfilling life, we have to be the vibration of the outcome we wish to see in our life. Like a karate martial artist, who breaks the bricks just with one stroke of the hand. The training he undergoes is not a physical one, but a mental one. He is practising to see the brick already broken.

The same goes for anything: If you want to heal, – you create a daily mental practice, which brings you into the future, where you are already healed and you think of it, feel it as a present rather than a future. If you  want to be in love, don’t think “I want love”, – instead create images, words, feelings that you are in love and you are love.

We, probably, all agree that we live rather automatically. We have routine actions, routine thinking, routine relationships, not often pausing and contemplating: how can I uplift my life and those around me.

Maybe we can remind ourselves to be the vibration we want to bring into our  lives. Think it, see it, feel it… Our life is a reflection, a mirror of our mental and spiritual states. If you are not sure, just keep thinking about it and checking it for yourself.

I invite us all to pause more, to notice obstacles, problems, illnesses and ask ourselves sincerely: why does this manifest now?… Remembering that the outer is simply a mirror of the inner.

It is in our hands to change our reality.  To reshape our destiny.

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