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Yoga is…

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August 25 2019 | Ashtanga yoga, Yoga philosophy

Contemplation on the meaning of yoga…

What is yoga? 
Stilling modifications of the mind.

Why to still the mind?
So the consciousness (purusha) can abide in its own nature.

Where consciousness usually is then?
It is absorbed by our mind/body. Consciousness externalises itself via body-mind, attempting to seek happiness through sense objects through desires and imprints of the mind. By doing that, it inevitably brings suffering.

How yoga can help?  
The goal of yoga is to transcend suffering through finding stillness beyond the mind, so that the consciousness can be absorbed in its own nature rather than being externalised. To compare consciousness to our world: when we are given an opportunity of freedom of being ourselves, we are more loving, more creative… we can vividly witness it in children.

What does yoga suggests? 
Practice of the postures/asanas to make our body more healthy. Healthier body will lead us to more awareness of our breath. More conscious, deeper, slower breathing will lead us to more moments of stillness of the body and mind. So eventually we can drop in realising our own nature, which is consciousness.

Namaste and insightful yoga practice to all,
Irina Pashkevich Bourdier
Iriness Yoga Horsham

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